We'd like to thank the following people and businesses for their generous donations of time, money, and materials to this project:

  • Thomas Benvie - donation of the 1970 AMX and various parts (most recently, a replacement quarter panel, NOS directional housings, a few ram-air parts, a seat "turtle back", three spoke steering wheel, AM radio, wood grain armrest overlays, driver side seat tracks).
  • Bob Wilson - Initial photographs and helped in repairing the brake system. Bob also has a Charity AMX site as well as a killer AMC site filled with tons of AMC related art.
  • Gary Nielsen - Coordinating the first step of the project. Donation of labor and brake parts (master cylinder, brake hoses and lines), reproduction sill plates.
  • Frank Swygert - Editor American Independent Magazine and project coordinator
  • Dom Corey Antique Restoration (508) 997-6555. Materials and time to recover the headliner. Supplied the interior carpets.
  • Brian Seeley - Storage for the first step in restoring the AMX. Brian is also donating labor and brake parts (calipers, rear brake parts).
  • Jim Twigg and KC AMC Club - Photo of Jim Twigg's 1970 AMX.
  • Kruse International (http://www.kruseinternational.com)- Auction of AMX when completed.
  • Jeff Barfield and Peach State AMO - Cash donation, under hood clip and bolt kit, reproduction under-hood pad (co-contributed with Jeff Reeves). The under-hood pad was purchased from Kennedy American.
  • Jeff Bickerstaff - Ram Air parts ("Y- duct", right & left inlet covers).
  • Joe Fulton - Cash donation.
  • Chris Ziemnowicz - Cash donation.
  • Bluestone Region Antique Automobile Club (Bluefield WV and VA chapter of AACA -- Antique Automobile Club of America) - Cash donation.
  • Glen and Rita Allen - Photo album to put pictures of the car and other documentation into.
  • Action Brass - Powder coating.
  • Ed Douglas -Body work.
  • Rick Nickels of Strip Master/Dip N Strip in Deerfield Beach, FL - bead blasting of the parts that were painted during the Florida stop. Strip Master can be contacted at 954-421-4730.
  • Cliff Danley and First Coast AMC (http://clubs.hemmings.com/firstcoastamc)- Jacksonville, FL stop coordinator.
  • Matt Haveran - Helped repair the brake systems.
  • Brian Quirk - Helped repair the brake system.
  • Peach State AMO - Hosting of the car's second stop.
  • WSC Motorsports (http://www.classicone.com/wsc/)- Polyurethane bushing set, head work. You can contact WSC by email (wsc@classicone.com) or by phone at 770-413-9126.
  • Kennedy American  (http://www.kennedyamerican.com)- Complete set of ball joints, label for the tire inflator canister. Kennedy American can be contacted at 614-879-7283. Their address is 7100 State Route 142 SE, West Jefferson, Ohio 43162.
  • Glenn and Stormy Snidle of Classic Restorations   - POR 15 rust treatment.
  • Matthew Haveran of Matt's Alarm Company (7 Anne Way, Brewster, MA 02631; phone 508-896-5809) - cash donation
  • Rick Ferron - Cash donation
  • Jeff Puras - Power brake booster and master cylinder
  • Jeff Reeves - Drivers door, reproduction under-hood pad (co-contributed with Jeff Barfield). The under-hood pad was purchased from Kennedy American.
  • Louie and Carol Lanthrip - Drivers door hinges
  • Mark Knapp - NOS radio antenna
  • Doug Noland - alternator
  • George Doughtie - Storage and shop space
  • NAPA Auto Parts (http://www.napaonline.com) - $200 worth of odds-n-ends
  • Dave Glenn - Transportation of 1/4 panel from Boston, MA to Grayson, Georgia
  • Phil Campbell - Engine oil pan
  • Tony Zamisch (California Classic AMC, Inc., (619) 423-0364, http://www.amx-perience.com) - Complete NEW clutch assembly, including matched and balanced disc and pressure plate, throw-out bearing, pilot bushing, and clutch bolt set. These parts were purchased from: Southland Clutch 101 East 18th Street. National City, California 91950 Phone: (619) 477-2105
  • Mark Heinson - Cash donation
  • North Texas AMC - Cash donation
  • Ralph Ausman - Donation of AMC List Archives CD's
  • Alamo AMC - Hosting of the car's fourth stop.
  • Alfred Koos - Rental of shop space at Schneider Brothers Racing, Inventory of car and contents, Installation of wheels and tires, Installation of replacement driver's door, Cleaning and itemizing of all parts. Rear brake wheel cylinders and hardware.
  • Schneider Brothers Racing - Mounting and balancing of wheels and tires, Indoor storage of the car while it is in San Antonio, Replacement radiator, Carburetor Mounting Plate
  • Todd Jesme - Cash donation
  • Brian Johnson - Battery tray
  • Russ Hathaway - Left side bumper scoop
  • Dan Whitehead - Spacer plate for carburetor
  • Brian Schnieder - Driver's side door (the previously donated door was from a later car and would not work with a 1968-1970 AMX), circular trim around the AMX logos.
  • Stephen Booth - NOS blower motor. Since this one is wrong for the car (it has two wires and the car needs a three wire), it will be auctioned off with the proceeds donated to the Charity AMX project.
  • Brett Schneider - Radiator, engine compartment detailing, finishing up of engine work started at the last stop.
  • Dan Whitehead - Driver's side door glass.
  • Andre Jacobs (South Texas AMC, (830) 980-3165, akjamc@juno.com, http://southtexasamc.tripod.com) - 1970 steering wheel, fender support rod, PCV hose.
  • Larry Mitchell (AMX Enterprises, http://www.amx-perience.com/amx_enterprises.htm) - Decal set. AMX Enterprises can be contacted at (303) 428-8760. Their address is 7963 Depew Street Arvada, Colorado 80003-2527.
  • Jeff Gibson - 2 front fenders. Exhaust manifolds.
  • Walt Garson (Bigwaltsshop@aol.com) - Grill repair and painting of headlight doors to match. Walt can be contacted at: Walt Garson, 3900 West Colorado Ave., Denver Co. 80219, (303) 934-4788. A few examples of the grill restoration work done by "Big Walt" can be seen here.
  • Steve Brueggeman - Passenger side armrest
  • Joe Roberts - Restored jack, jack handle, a pair of used adjustable hood bumper bolts, and the 'underhood seal kit', AMX grille badge, transportation of the car from Woodward Dream Cruise to Boston, MA.
  • Moyer Fuel Tank Renew (http://www.gas-tank.com) - Restoration of fuel tank. Moyer Fuel Tank Renu can be contacted at 2011 Western Avenue, Greensburg, PA 15601, 1-800-328-9550.
  • Mark Price - Arranged fuel tank repair.
  • Fine Lines (http://www.finelinesinc.com) - New brake and fuel lines. Fine Lines can be contacted at 650 WEST SMITH ROAD #8, MEDINA, OHIO 44256-2397, 1-800-SS-TUBES.
  • Eddie Stakes (Planet Houston AMX, http://www.planethoustonamx.com) - Front spoiler, rear tail lights and housings, mufflers.
  • Peter Stathes (statamc@hoflink.com) - Window sweep kit. Peter also carries many different type of weather stripping, sells locks/keys/related parts, and has a vacuum wiper rebuilding service. Details can be found on his website at http://hoflink.com/~statamc/.
  • Matt Haas - Reproduction fuel sending unit, gasket, and strainer. These items were purchased new from Kennedy American and are available for most AMC's.
  • Dick Haas - Shipping of above items.
  • NAMDRA - Cash donation. NAMDRA is an AMC club devoted to racing enthusiasts. For more information, visit their website at http://www.namdra.org.
  • NorCal AMC - Cash donation.
  • Bob Antonelli - A pair of horns, Hurst 'T' Shifter handle.
  • Richard Dietzel and Sara Glater - Cash donation.
  • Ron Story - New exhaust system.
  • Ray Summit - New leaf springs, rear valance panel.
  • Steve Singer - Windshield wiper shaft nuts and washers.
  • AMC of Houston - Cash donation.
  • George Graham and Kevin Dalley - Rechromed bumpers, replacement tail light housings, tail light lenses.
  • Randy Gyunn - Radio knobs and remote mirror control retaining bezel.
  • Glen Hoag - Horn buttons parts.
  • Dave Meger - (AMXtasy Parts e-mail: amxtasy@aol.com) Clear turn signal lenses. AMXtasy Parts is at 1612 Syracuse, Schaumberg, IL 60193. Call  847-524-1873 eves. & weekends.
  • Zion Auto Body - Body and paint work. Zion Auto Body is located at 2013 Hebron Ave, Zion, IL 60099 and can be reached at 847-872-8485.
  • Auto Paint & Supply Co. Inc. - Paint and supplies. Auto Paint & Supply Co. Inc is located at 3041 Hamilton Ave, Racine, WI 53403 and can be reached at 262-634-4499.
  • Mark Moddes - Time, materials and equipment to polish all of the stainless trim
  • Kennedy American & American Parts Depot - 1970 black AMX "C" stripe set, donated by their stripe manufacturer who has the most complete and only line of AMC stripe kits made from original AMC stripes. Distributed exclusively by Kennedy American (614-879-7283) & American Parts Depot (http://www.americanpartsdepot.com).
  • John Anastasio of Classic Car Wiring - Laminated color coded wiring diagram. Classic Car Wiring is located at 20 Kentview Dr., Carmel, NY 10512 and can be reached at 917-861-9131 or by visiting http://www.classiccarwiring.com.
  • Adam Tarr - Pair of 1970 front seats
  • Larry Daum - Cash donation to cover shipping of the above seats from San Diego, CA to Racine, WI
  • Jack Barncord - Transportation of the Charity AMX from Zion IL to Auburn Hills, MI.
  • George Graham (AMC of Houston) & Star Manufacturing - Covering transportation expenses for the move from Zion, IL to Auburn Hills, MI.
  • Richard Corsello - Transportation of the car from Auburn Hills, MI to Woodward Dream Cruise.
  • Kelsey Tire (http://www.kelseytire.com/home.html) - Reproduction Goodyear Polyglas E-70-14 tires.
  • The RimBlow Buddy (http://www.therimblowbuddy.com/) - RimBlow steering wheel restoration.
  • Don Madden of D&T Powder Coating - Media blasting. D&T Powder Coating is located at 171 Mattakeesett St
    Pembroke, MA 02359-2534. Their phone number is (781) 294-9222.

We'd also like to that the following AMC related clubs for their support:

Classic AMC of New England
83 Main Street
West Newbury, MA  01985
(978) 363-1502
Kansas City AMC Club
(internet based)
Contact Chris Morrison at:
Peach State AMO
394 Creek Crossing Ct.
Grayson, GA  30017
Contact Jeff Barfield
(770) 466-8463
First Coast AMC
Jacksonville, FL
Contact Cliff Danley
PO Box 987
Twin Lakes, WI 53181
NorCal AMC
7869 Montero Drive
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
North Texas AMC Club
Dallas, TX
Alamo AMC
(210) 497-0378
San Antonio, TX
AMC Of Houston      



Last Updated: 12/07/2009