Benefiting Organizations

June 14, 2000

After discussion with a couple of the main players in the Charity AMX project, it was decided that it would be best to go ahead and designate the charities that will receive portions of the funds raised from the eventual sale. The main reason for this action was to assist in getting sponsors. Sponsors will be more easily swayed to donate products or services if they know for sure where the money is going. After careful thought, this is what was decided

  • Boston Children's Hospital -- Tom Benvie donated the car, which got the ball rolling. His daughters have used this hospital, so we felt it was only fitting that part of the proceeds should go here.
  • St. Judes Children's Hospital
  • Shriners children's hospital organization

These organizations were chosen because of their national outreach and free services to children in need.

The goal is to get as many supplies and parts donated as possible first. If donated money is not used, it will be added to the payouts to the charities.

Frank Swygert

American Motors Cars Magazine (formerly American Independent Magazine) is the primary sponsor and official coordinator, along with the sponsorship of the AMC Mailing List at No club or other organization with a desire to assist will be excluded. AMC Magazine does not have to be mentioned in club publications if there is any perceived competition. In that case simply mention Frank Swygert ( as the contact point for the project.


Last Updated: 09/11/2008