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Denver to Arizona on I-70

As we got closer to Utah, the scenery changed from pine forest to desert. There were also forest fires in Arizona and New Mexico during the trip which made the views hazy.

I can only image what the first people to lay eyes on this part of the country were feeling. I felt awe stricken, and yet lonely at the same time.

Of course, you don't have to drive to far to see man's impact on things.

Of course, it's still easy to find a lot of beauty even though man has left his mark all over.

Here's Mike and his daughter after they took a picture of me trying to stay cool in the shade

Here's me staying cool in the shade. Outside temps were in the upper 90's and it was as dry as an overcooked turkey on Thanksgiving.

The next stop was at Black Dragon Canyon. This area was underwater millions of years ago and was part of a reef. This part of Utah is also known as "the badlands". It is awe inspiring with its beauty but due to lack of water, can be very deadly.

It was really neat seeing all of this in the late afternoon sun.

There are lots of neat rock formations in this area. The difference in the colors in just a few hundred feet of elevation is amazing.

There were not many more pictures taken in Utah. The primary reason was needing to get to Kanab, UT but also, the scenery was pretty much the same (which doesn't do it justice) until it got dark.

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