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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my car worth?
Can you help me fix my car or troubleshoot a problem with it?
Where can I find parts for my AMC/Rambler?
Would you like to buy my car?
Where can I find out more about my car?
Are there any clubs for AMC cars?

Q. What is my car worth?

A. What ever someone will give you for it! Seriously, it's next to impossible to determine what a car is actually worth without being able to see the car in question. If you are selling your car, you can check the old car/collector car pricing guides. I usually use the VMR Automotive Pricing site at They have a section on the site that explains their condition guides that you need to read through prior to setting a price. Just be aware that these guides list the average prices of cars that went through public sales (such as auctions). Most cars are not sold this way so the prices tend to be lower than what you would get from someone more involved in a club for your particular car.


Q. Can you help me fix my car or troubleshoot a problem with it?

A. I'll be happy to give it a shot but without being able to see and test drive the car, it can be very difficult to help out. All questions will be answered at my leisure. I try to return e-mails promptly but sometimes I'll get a question that can take a few hours to answer so I may not answer immediately. Keep in mind that I am not a professionally trained mechanic and once things get beyond basic maintenance, I don't usually work on newer vehicles. I also try to limit my answers to stuff I've either worked on or have service manuals for. I have factory service manuals for all of the vehicles on this website (excluding the ones in the Photo Gallery), my 1996 Ram pickup, and some more general service manuals for other vehicles (mostly domestic and covering the mid 1960's to the early 1970's). I'll try to answer questions outside of these but don't be surprised if my answer is along the lines of "I don't know, consult a service manual". I've purchased service manuals from several places including Brent Havekost (, Walter Miller Auto Literature (, and American Parts Depot (


Q. Where can I find parts for my AMC/Rambler?

A. The good news is that most mechanical parts are readily available from your local auto parts store even if their computer says it's not available. There are only a handful of maintenance/simple repair type parts that are hard to find at regular parts stores. These include early 4 piston disk brake parts, Wagner rear brake parts for cars with these disk brakes, fuel pumps for cars with vacuum wipers (which would be most Ramblers), and trunnions (all Ramblers have at least uppers -- these were used instead of ball joints). Internal engine parts are usually easy to find with the exception of those for 196, 250, 287, and 327 cubic inch engines. These engines were last used in the mid 1960's and share very little (if anything) with their replacements. As far as parts sources go, there is a fairly complete listing at Personally, I've purchased parts from Kanter Auto Products (, Kennedy American (, American Parts Depot (, and Galvin's AMC Rambler Parts ( Most of the restoration parts (non-mechanical stuff) I've purchased has come from Kennedy American but I've found all three of these vendors to be good to deal with.


Q. Would you like to buy my car?

A. I'm sure your car is nice but chances are, I'm not looking for another car (three projects is enough!). If you would like, I can pass information about your car along but you need to give me some information about it. At a minimum, I need to know the year, make and model, the engine type and size, transmission type/number of gears, where you are at (City and State names are enough information), a good description of it (color, condition, etc...), and how much you are asking. Any additional information you want to include is fine but please, no pictures. If you have pictures, something along the lines of "pictures available upon request" is all you need to include.


Q. Where can I find out more about my car?

A. The good news is that there is a lot of information about AMC cars available on the Internet. The bad news is that due to "All My Children" and "American Movie Classics", it can be hard to find stuff using a search engine. There are a few sites that you can go to that will help you out and you should really try to find a factory service manual for your car. They do assume a certain level of knowledge but are much, much better than the more general manuals (such as those from Chiltons and Haynes). As far as websites go, the AMX Files ( is probably the top banana of AMC sites. There's a very good history of AMC there and also a bunch of links to other AMC sites and also the home of the AMC-List which is full of people willing to help with just about anything on your AMC car. Allan Flemings Home Page ( is full of links to AMC related websites. This site is almost an index of all things AMC on the Internet. Pat Foster has also published several books. Contact Olde Milford Press at for more information.


Q. Are there any clubs for AMC cars?

A. Check out the AMX Files club listing at


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