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2003 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour

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corvette_museum_07.jpg (37400 bytes)
This is the Corvette Indy which was a concept car from the late 1980's.

corvette_museum_08.jpg (39207 bytes)
Gotta love a split window Corvette!

corvette_museum_09.jpg (37684 bytes)

corvette_museum_10.jpg (39385 bytes)

corvette_museum_11.jpg (40192 bytes)
Here's a C5 Alpha car. Alpha cars are used to validate that all of the parts fit together. It isn't pretty but how often do you get a chance to see this early of a car?

corvette_museum_12.jpg (33508 bytes)
This is the only convertible ZR-1.

corvette_museum_13.jpg (41836 bytes)

corvette_museum_14.jpg (181343 bytes)
This is the original design for the Corvette emblem.

elky_home.jpg (58762 bytes)
Here's what a 1978 EL Camino looks like after a 3,000 mile trip. I'm happy with how the car did. It averaged 21mpg, leaked two quarts of oil, chewed up the alternator drive belt (it squealed for about 1,500 miles -- I replaced it when I got home), and chucked a wheel center cap somewhere between Fort Worth, TX and Cincinnati, OH. Not too bad for a 25 year old car with 146,000 miles.

elky_home_2.jpg (38341 bytes)


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