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2003 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour

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jackson_dragon_wagon.jpg (37379 bytes)
This is the last of the pictures from Jackson, MS.

lake_charles_1.jpg (27816 bytes)
Here's an "El Camino bed" view of the Lake Charles, LA stop.

lake_charles_2.jpg (26202 bytes)
Another picture from Lake Charles.

dallas_jet_powered_s10.jpg (24223 bytes)
Here's the jet powered S-10 driving along I-20 between Shreveport, LA and Fort Worth, TX.

corvette_museum_01.jpg (40939 bytes)
Here's the first of the pictures from the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY.

corvette_museum_02.jpg (53485 bytes)

corvette_museum_03.jpg (34534 bytes)
Here's a clay mock-up in progress. It was made around the time the C5 Corvettes were being designed.

corvette_museum_04.jpg (36371 bytes)

corvette_museum_05.jpg (42873 bytes)
Here are two more concept mock-ups from when the C5's were being developed. The black car closely resembles the final C5 design.

corvette_museum_06.jpg (43421 bytes)
Ever wondered what a C5 Corvette looks like with no body? Wonder no more.


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