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Oak Creek Canyon

The power wires sort of spoil the picture but this is called Snoopy Rock. There are a lot of rock formations around Sedona that look like something other than just a bunch of rocks. If I wasn't so awe struck with how beautiful the area is, I would have had sense enough to get pictures of several other formations that you can easily see from the road. Instead, I ended up noticing this on the way out and pulled into a parking lot to get a picture.

Speaking of the parking lot, this was in the next one over. If you're ever in Sedona and what to take a UFO spotting tour, it's pretty easy to find the place that does those.

The road in and out of Sedona from Flagstaff goes through Oak Creek Canyon. Flagstaff is at about 7000 feet elevation and Sedona is at about 4500 feet. Going into Sedona, you drop most of those1500 feet in less than 5 miles going through the canyon. Unless you ride in a convertible with the top down, the open bed of a truck, or are insane enough to pull off the narrow twisty road, there aren't really any places to get pictures of the canyon but there is a trailhead near the top of the canyon that offers some great views.

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