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AMC Documentation Project

Note: This project has morphed into the AMCyclopedia. I'm no longer maintaining this section of my website but you can find some of this information (and much, much more) at Eventually, everything here will be on that site.

One of the biggest problems facing the AMC hobby today is a lack of information on what is correct for our cars. If you look at popular GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles, information on what is correct is readily available. As it stands today, there is no one place where the AMC hobbyist who wishes to restore his or her vehicle to the highest possible standards can go and get information on what is correct. This creates numerous problems for those of us in the hobby. The worst of which is that there are no agreed upon judging manuals.

In order to come up with judging standards that can be agreed upon by all parties, I'm working in conjunction with Frank Swygert of American Independent Magazine to gather as much information as possible about how these cars rolled off of the assembly line. If you have any information that is missing from this web site, feel free to contact me at Contact Form.

The gathering of the information on this site would not have been possible without the effort of many different people. These people are the official "Friends of the AMC Documentation Project". If you'd like to be a "friend", simply send me some restoration information. You can check out what is needed and what to send me by checking out the rest of this site.

For now, this part of my web site will be organized as a FAQ. If you'd prefer another format, email me at Contact Form with your suggestions.

What information are you looking for?
I'm interested in restoring my AMC, are there any clubs I can join or magazines I can subscribe to?
What's available now?
Who are the "Friends of the AMC Documentation Project"?
What items are factory correct for my `1971 Javelin/AMX?

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